Thursday, 2 July 2015

Five YouTubers You Should Be Watching

I've been watching YouTube for quite a few years now. From what the best BB Cream is to how to do the perfect squat, it's all on there. So, here are a my top five YouTubers to watch, who will tell you everything you need to know about beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

She covers everything from vlogs to hauls but my favourite thing to watch Zoella for is her homeware hauls. I can only imagine her home looking like a Pinterest news feed with her chic candle collection and copper decor.

Hannah Maggs
A mum and beauty blogger that does weekly vlogs with her husband and their baby Grayson. If you like family vlogs Hannah Maggs is one to watch.

Niomi Smart
Her channel is one to go to if your searching for healthy, vegan treats. Niomi does videos on everything healthy, with food, fitness and even throws some fashion and beauty in the mix.

ViviannaDoesMakeup is the reason I started my blog. Her classic, chic fashion style and effortless natural beauty looks will make you want to watch more and more. I definitely recommend watching her 'makeup menus' for great beauty products, but I have to warn you, your bank will suffer from many purchases at SpaceNK after clicking on her videos.

Tone It Up
This channel is my favourite fitness channel. They target all body parts and makes working out not a chore. As summer is quickly approaching, I would go check out their 'Bikini Series' for some great workouts they do on the beach.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Cheltenham Racecourse Ladies Day #ColourMeMarch

With Cheltenham Racecourse Ladies Day event moving closer, EtailPR approached me to put a post together of the look I would wear to the event following the theme of #ColourMeMarch! I wanted to incorporate lots of bright spring colours and of course, I've always wanted an excuse to wear fascinator. 

The Dress

This dress is perfect for a smart event like the Cheltenham Races. The midi length gives a sophisticated look to the whole outfit with the pop of yellow showing spring colour.

The Fascinator

The Races are one of the rare opportunities a girl gets to wear a fascinator. Pair this with some big loose waves to the side. 

The Shoes 

These simple, barely there sandals are perfect to pair with a midi dress in my opinion. With the dress doing all the work, these shoes just add a little something extra without going too overboard. 

The Bag 

You can't go wrong with a Whistles bag, they add class to any outfit and add a bit of texture to the outfit with the stingray leather. 

The Jewellery 

I wanted to keep the jewellery very minimal so the main attention can be on the pop of colour in the dress. With the hair pinned to the side, these earrings add a touch of gold to complement the white and yellow outfit. 

Make sure to follow @ColourMeMarch and tweet your outfits for Cheltenham Racecourse Ladies Day using the hashtag #ColourMeMarch. You can also enter the competition and find out more information at this website

Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Review // Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

I thought I would jump on the Laura Mercier bandwagon and try out the Silk Creme Foundation. Kate from ghostparties also had a lot to do with this purchase when she raved about this foundation in her review. She was right, this foundation is amazing. It's long wearing, dewy but not too dewy and great coverage while looking natural and never cakey. In my opinion, this could work with any skin type. I have an oily t-zone and occasionally dry areas around my chin and this works wonders.
Coverage wise this covers any redness on my face so on a good skin day I can wear this by itself. When I'm sporting a few more blemishes, I add a bit of concealer and I'm good to go. I apply this with the Real Techniques Buffing Brush and I found that this is the way to get the best coverage and finish. 
I have worn this all day and with most foundations by the end of the day it tends to look a bit worn and the foundation isn't really at it's prime. With the Silk Creme Foundation the finish looks the same at the end of the day from when I applied it. 
Massive recommendation from me and wish I found this foundation sooner.    


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Healthy Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Milkshake

This is the perfect healthy snack when you're having an ice cream craving (I know it's hard to resist that Ben & Jerry's) but this is guilt free and tastes just as good as the 'real thing'. 

What you need...

2 Sliced frozen bananas
1 Tablespoon of cocoa powder (I use Cadbury's Bournville)
1 Tablespoon of peanut butter
2 Tablespoons of agave nectar 
1 Cup of almond milk (I like my milkshakes thick but if you want them less thick then add more milk)

Just throw it all in the blender, mix it up till its smooth... and voila you have creamy milkshake goodness. Enjoy!


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Bedroom Decor and Storage Ideas

I love moving, moving means I can redecorate and have a clear out. This is not to say that I still don't have a lot of useless things in my room, just less of it. Baby steps, right?
Having just gone into my second year at university this means a proper house, I now have much more space compared to the first year halls and everything looks a bit more homey. I thought I would share some of my ideas for storage and how I decorated.

 I wanted to have simple bedding but with a pop of colour, so I opted for complete white bedding and added some colour and pattern with the pillows and blanket. I recommend Debenhams for cushions and throws they have an excellent selection with good prices. My favourite cushions and throws are from Anthropologie, a bit more pricey but if you're prepared to splurge then this is where to do it!

If you're at university then you're going to want lots of pictures of friends and family from back home, as well as new pictures from university. Photo walls are my favourite way to show them, and one of the cheapest. All you need is a printer, print paper and blue/white tac. I went on Pinterest for some inspiration which you can see here. The great thing about these is you can add to the photo wall throughout the year. A tip to make sure the photos are straight, use the 'Levels' app on your iPhone for the first photo then you can use that as a guide for the rest.

   Mason jars are great for storage, they are super cheap. I got a set of three from Homebase for £9.99. I use these to store makeup brushes and pens, but you can also put candles, cotton buds, etc.

I also use these little white pots from Ikea to hold cotton pads and buds just to make everything look at bit nicer. The white ties in with my bedding and I love the cut outs on the pot. 

    I love these mini bowls to hold rings and earrings and it's easy to keep track of them. The days of only finding one earring in a pair are gone! You can find these anywhere, I have found some nice ones in Anthropologie but I got these from some independent shops in St Ives. 

I was trying to find somewhere to store my winter scarfs that didn't take up lots of clothes space. I was lucky and found these white crates on sale in Sainsbury's. I use these to store all my mess and random bits and it makes everything look a bit more organised. 

I hope you find these ideas useful and would love to hear your storage and decoration ideas!

Monday, 6 October 2014

The Flannel Shirt

I have been seeing these all over Pinterest, fashion blogs and in the street. When it comes to clothes, simple and comfy is how I like it and a flannel shirt is basically the epitome of that. These are so versatile you can wear them with pretty much anything and with the colder months coming up they are a perfect layering piece to keep you warm, and resemble the feel of wearing pyjamas- which I am always a fan of.

Topshop // £30
 This oversized number is my favourite. I tend to like the oversized shirts more because you can wear them with leggings and boots. I also love how the model is wearing it with the ripped jeans, a simple and casual outfit.

 Pepe Jeans, ASOS // £60
This ones a little more on the pricey side but if you are willing to splurge a bit more, this one is a great choice. I love the light grey colour as it gives a more toned down look as opposed to the usual bright red colours. Perfect flannel to pair with a simple white shirt and jeans.
 Glamorous, ASOS // £28
This one stood out to me because of the texture, you can't see it in this picture but on the website you will see it has a brushed finish on the fabric to add a little something extra to the regular cotton feel.
 Abercrombie & Fitch // £58
Similar to the Pepe Jeans flannel but a little more oversized, again I like the toned down light grey colours. I would also pair this with leggings and boots for a comfy, casual fall look.
Urban Outfitters // £30
If you're looking for a bit more colour, this is the one. The green and blue tones add a pop of colour to your outfit and would give the perfect 'grunge' look layered with a leather jacket and a classic white tee.


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

10 Beauty Tips and Tricks

1. Warm your eyelash curlers
Curling my eyelashes is always a very tedious job, I spend ages getting them to achieve the perfect curl. To make speed up the job, I warm my eyelash curlers with a hairdryer for a few seconds and it makes curling 10x faster.

2. For soft, plump lips
Before any lip product, use an electric or normal toothbrush and massage your lips for around a minute. This will exfoliate and plump them before applying your lipstick or gloss.

3. To brighten and open up the eyes
Apply a shimmery white eyeshadow (I especially love Virgin by Urban Decay) in the inner corners of the eye and the brow bone to make the eyes appear bigger and brighter.

4. When your nail polish gets gloopy
Add a few drops of nail polish remover to the nail polish bottle, then shake it up.

5. When your mascara gets gloopy
Add a few eye drops and swirl the brush around to mix it together.

6. For red, tired eyes
Apply a nude or white eyeliner on your waterline to get rid of any redness and open up the eyes.

7. To stop smudging eyeliner
Sweep concealer then a bit of powder right under the eyeliner on your bottom lash line, this will act sort of like a barrier and stop smudging happening.

8. Make your eyeshadow more vibrant
Smudge out a white eyeliner all over the lids before applying eyeshadow to make the colour stand out, this will also act as a primer.

9. To make lipstick last longer
After applying your lipstick, put a tissue over your lips and apply powder over the tissue. This will also give a matt finish to your lips.

10. Make your lips appear bigger
Apply white eyeliner on the outside of the lips (focusing on the cupids bow), blend it out then apply a gloss.